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Suely Brandes

Suely BrandesSuely BrandesI dropped out of high school at 17, got married and had my first child while still a teen. I worked in factories while pregnant to make ends meet. I got my GED at age 31, eventually got a college degree in Psychology and Human Resources and later a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

I am still married to that teenage boy and we have three children and 3 grandchildren. So I have learned a little bit about navigating intimate relationships, being part of a family, raising children and nurturing friendships while at the same time carving out a meaningful life for myself.

I have tried to approach each client I have met in the last 7 years in the counseling field and the issues they bring to our sessions in terms of their relationships with their own self-worth, their spouses, significant others, children, families, friends, coworkers, substances, food, spirituality, hope and more. I counsel clients individually, and as couples, families and groups. I prefer not to simply give clients the proverbial fish, but to teach them how to fish. This means not just tackling the problem at hand but empowering them with the knowledge that they can master a permanent sense of inner peace and tackle life’s future battles fearlessly by using old and new skills to forge a life which is meaningful to them.

I love to go on a journey with clients where they become the directors of their own destinies, and are able to create their preferred life whilelovingly caring for their body, mind and spirit. Because I spent the first part of my life in the business world as a Human Resources executive I also coach clients in searching for what they are passionate about in their careers and pastimes and help them to create livelihoods which empower them to earn a living and pursue hobbies doing what they love.

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