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MargaretpatriceJodi Engelstein

Jodi is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida (License # MH16580) and a licensed clinical mental health counselor in the state of North Carolina (license # 10919). She holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelors Degree from Boston University.
She has assisted and encouraged many during her 30 + years as a contributor in the mental health field. Those included have been children, adolescents, families, couples and adults. Jodi has fostered these populations in an array of different settings including homes, schools, offices, residential treatment facilities, hospitals, courts, and through telehealth/online platforms.
Jodi has seen these clients for help with symptoms and or behaviors associated with depression and mood disorders, anxiety, stress, ADHD, grief and loss, trauma, low self-esteem (associated with experiences occurring in childhood), anger management, sensory dysregulation/dysfunction, chronic mental health issues, etc.
She utilizes a holistic, client centered, strength-based approach when working with those who seek treatment. Jodi draws on many different therapeutic theories and strategies to facilitate the growth and change that clients may need at the time they are seeking assistance. Her background aligns with evidence- based practices that incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Multi-Systemic Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Management, and Person-Centered Therapy.
She also advocates for evidence based -interventions with a focus on mindfulness, meditative-deep breathing/and other stress/systematic desensitization techniques, exposure response prevention interventions, art therapy/ play therapy practices, all types of homework including goal specific/ behavioral experiments and thought records.
Jodi also emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship (Counselor… Client). It is the cornerstone and the foundation of which everything else in therapy is based upon. She will always make sure it is grounded in unconditional positive regard, respect, and empathy. She will actively listen to you, your story, your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions, with acceptance and validation. She will strive to mentor, support, and guide you with direction and purpose, while pivoting toward the goals that her clients are working toward. Those goals will always stand as the building blocks for the work to be done in therapy.
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